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Corporate Hospitality

We will strive to offer an event that best suits your needs, taking into account your budget and the venue you have in mind. We are committed to providing a personalized quote within three working days.


Many SMEs, large enterprises and associations, located in Pays de la Loire, Normandie, Centre, Ile de France or Paris, continuously renew their trust in us. 


For example :

10th Anniversary of Crédit Agricole de l’Anjou et du Maine

Cocktail reception at the racetrack in Lion d’Angers (2500 guests)


Photos du photographe Steeve BRIMAN Lion d'Angers 05 06 2008 009          Photos du photographe Steeve BRIMAN Lion d'Angers 05 06 2008 032




Official opening of Alinéa shops in Le Mans and Plaisir

Cocktail reception (300 guests)


 Sans titre 1          IMG_20120822_184408


Graduation celebration at the Engineering School LaSalle Beauvais

Cocktail reception (1200 guests) and dinner (800 guests)





Workshop “Making Macaroons” for MMA 

at the Palais des Congrès et de la Culture du Mans (120 guests)



IMG_20120822_184408          Animation-Macarons-MMA-175          Animation-Macarons-MMA-209


And also…


Official opening for the extension of Métro store Le Mans: cocktail reception (300 guests), 


Awarding of the Legion of Honour to Monsieur Gruau (CEO of the Gruau Group) at the 24 Hours Museum: cocktail reception (270 guests), 


Buffet Barbecue at  Golf de Lésigny for the agglomeration of Marne la Vallée (160 guests)…